Using a CMS

Fetch Post List

Let's fetch the post list from GraphCMS & render it inside our app. For that, we use a tiny NPM module called graphql-request. Let's install that with:

yarn add graphql graphql-request

Now open the lib/data.js file & import graphql-request with:

import { GraphQLClient } from 'graphql-request'

Then create our an instance of GraphQLClient with:

const graphcms = new GraphQLClient(process.env.GRAPHCMS_API_URL)

Finally, replace the getPostList function with this:

export async function getPostList() {
    const { posts } = await graphcms.request(
        query MyQuery {
            posts {

    return => ({,
        createdAt: (new Date(post.createdAt)).getTime()

(Here's the final version of the file after all these changes.)

Now you can see the list of blog posts when you visit the homepage.

Q: Here, we created the `createdAt` field manually, even though we fetch it via GraphQL. Why?

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