Hey 👋, Welcome to Bulletproof Next.
I'm Arunoda.

With this course, I'm trying to share my experience with Next.js & JamStack in-general. This course has three parts:

1. Build

Here we are going to learn a lot of things about Next.js by building a real-world application. Here's what it looks like at the end:

2. Ship

You might need to use different databases & cloud services with your app. There is no single solution that works for everyone, every use-case.

That's why I'm trying to show how to integrate with different data-sources like GraphCMS, FaunaDB, Prisma / RDS Proxy, Firebase & even MongoDB.

We will also look at integrating services like Auth0, Amazon SES & Segment.

3. Optimize

You can build well-performed applications with Next.js out of the box. Sometimes, you need to understand what's happening inside the app and control how Next.js as you want. This is where we are going to discuss all these things.

Prior Knowlege

Unfortunately, this is not a beginner course on web development. So, I expect you to have experience in the following technologies:
(You can follow these links if you need to learn them or refresh your knowledge)

Course Style

This is a course where you do things with me. But It also possible to peek through lessons & complete them when you have some time.

I recommend you to start from the beginning, but it's possible to take specific lessons in & skip others.

Let's Get Started

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