Create a Dashboard

Show a message if there is no user

Our create post page is a static page. It doesn't have getServerSideProps. In cases like this, we can render a message rather than doing a redirect.

Showing a message if the user has no access to the content.

Here's how to do this. Open the pages/dashboard/post/create.js page & apply following changes.

First, import useSession with:

import { useSession } from 'next-auth/client'

Then invoke the above useSession hook inside the CreatePost React component using:

const [session, loading] = useSession()

Finally, add the following if code blocks on the top of your component:

if (loading) {
  return 'loading...'

if (!session) {
  return (
      <div className="dashboard">
          You are not allowed to visit this page.
          Visit the <Link href="/"><a>homepage</a></Link>

That's it.

(Here's the final version of the file after all these changes.)

Now we are rendering a loading screen while the authentication is happening. Then if there's no such session, we will show a message asking the user to redirect.

Q: Is this a viable solution for you?

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