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Bulletproof Next

Learn how to build a modern Next.js app from scratch 🚀

In this course, we are building a blog app. But we use a GitHub repo as a CMS. Have a look at it:

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Course Content

These are the lessons we cover in the course:

  • Creating a Markdown Blog
  • Creating a Server Rendering app with data from a GitHub repository
  • Convert the app from server rendering to static regeneration
  • Add social login support with next-auth
  • Fetch comments from a GitHub repository
  • Use SWR to step up data fetching
  • Add Optimistic UI support when adding comments
  • Add authenticated page to created/edit blog posts
  • Partial SSR - Render header component & login info with SSR
  • Add instant production reload support as you change data in GitHub
  • Error handling related to data fetching
  • Adding Next.js Preview mode for PRs in the GitHub data repo
  • Preload data to get login info faster
  • optimize our app for SEO (Social cards + sitemaps)
  • Use React components inside blog posts and extract metadata for SEO
  • paginate comments and blog posts
  • cache APIs to reduce the load on APIs
  • E2E Testing with
  • Replacing the data layer with a CMS, Firbase, Fauna, Prisma, & MongoDB
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Who's behind this?

I am Arunoda Susiripala. I was a Next.js maintainer a few years back.

What's the format of the course?

I believe in the "learn by doing" approach. These lessons contain a mix of text content, code, videos, and quizzes. Try it out.

When can we access This course?

If you are a supporter, Arunoda will email every week with updates to the course. Otherwise, the course will be available to the public on September 1st.

Will this course available for the public for FREE?

I believe in open access to education. But at the same time, content creators should get paid properly. That's why I'm doing this as a fundraising project.

When will you charge me?

We charge the credit card Today. But, you can change your mind until September 1st, 2020. Contact for cancellations.

Why don't you use GraphQL?

GraphQL is a way to query a data source. After you have complete this course, you can simply use a GraphQL data source. I wanted to make it as simple as possible.

Why don't you use Redux, Recoil, or Mobx ?

Most of the time, you don't need a solution like this. You can do a lot with React hooks and data fetching features in Next.js. We use vercel/swr as a data management layer because it's simple to use but powerful.

Trust me. I worked with a pretty big Next.js app; we never needed Redux.

I have some questions. How to contact you?

Let's discuss here or send me an email.