Get Started

Hey 👋,

I'm Arunoda, and I'm leading the GetStarted project. This is how I'd like to introduce me:

Tech Education

I also created some interactive educational content, including:

  • 👌 The initial version of Next.js learn
  • 🔥 Learn GraphQL project (Which is not public right now)
  • 🎉 Bulletproof Meteor (Which is something popular in the MeteorJS community)

Those are not just tutorials or videos. It's an experience on how to learn something. You follow along with a process and absorb a given topic without any distractions 👍.

Open Access & Monetization

I believe in open access to high-quality educational content. But at the same time, content-creators should get appropriately paid.

That's why I'm working on GetStarted.

Anyone can start learning for FREE. But we provide a few different ways to monetize content without charging students directly.

If you want to start learning, let's start.
If you want to create content, let's discuss.